Three Explosions on the Columbia

45 ton dynamite blast used to dislodge 60,000 cubic yards of basalt for construction of The Dalles Dam. April 20, 1952. Photograph by Ray Atkeson, courtesy of the Ray Atkeson Image Archive.

1,400 kegs of dynamite blew 50,000 tons of basalt on the Columbia River across from Eighteen Mile Island, between Hood River and Mosier, 1908. Photograph by Benjamin Gifford. From the collection of Terry Toedtemeier.

The Trojan Nuclear Power Plant was decommissioned after years of protest. "┬ĘThe cooling tower, out of use for 15 years, was imploded in 2006. The spent fuel rods remain on the site. Vanessa Renwick, Trojan, cibachrome, 16" x 20", printed 2007. Courtesy of PDX Contemporary Art.

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  • Contributors: Ray Atkeson, Benjamin Gifford, Vanessa Renwick
  • Published Online: Jan 13, 2012
  • Print Publication Date: Jul 2008