How to Make a Paper Airplane

Wayne Hogan

Jungles teeming
with extravagance, hilltops
with hordes of furies,
Great Plains stretching
b a c k
to second base
in Shea Stadium, the garden
next door wherein all is staked out
in one giant piling on of phrases
where there are still no answers,
along the thin edges of seven

It Was Either This Or Shoot the President

Michael Caufield

angry because nothing
tastes like blueberries
even blueberries
in a big car in Texas with my aunt who says
nigrews are a problem
down here
I cringe and later at the Chinese market
conversation with Chinese girl-woman edits my Kama-sutra down into Buddha
foreigners never
quite touch
but will defer to any fast-moving ubholstery
another nation is slapping up somewhere
while Leave it to Beaver forces Wasps to devour
their mates left and
fight one and all step right up folks this is penetration
following Chopin scores--both hands pound the fine fluttering
edges of my life into futility
one year later speeding green car turning with Cosi fan tuti
and twenty-year-old girl just back from France with tired mother
in Wyoming
even Emily Dickinson would have forgiven
the chain-snapping gingham-cracking way
I wanted to have her there and then
but didn't

Burrowing Saunter

Jason Nelson

cotton cords
to cogs and levers
switch plow
and collect
tumbling drift
of wood


Leanne Grabel

Some people sit around and watch
soaps all day and their feet don't fidget and they feel just fine.
Then there's the people who get
mistaken for porcupines and feral
There's this lady I know who has
23 kids and she never gets mad.
There's a barbecue that elated
my neighbor.
There's that species of spider
that bites off the head of its
There's a party at our house
next Sunday. I'll make the sauce.
You bring the protection.


Aaron Adams

city streets
four a.m.
a bicycle traces
the snake
of sleep
& waking. 

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  • Authors: Wayne Hogan, Jason Nelson, Michael Caufield, Leanne Grabel, Aaron Adams
  • Published Online: Jan 13, 2012