PDX Music Memory

Over the past thirty years the ecology of Portland has been conducive to the forming of bands. Some say ample access to basements is the cause. But for whatever reason, be it architectural or otherwise, the kids keep coming, finding each other, writing music, and playing it in public. In Plazm 29, we took a stab at documenting the scene. A by no means definitive effort.

The band map is a 2-sided poster insert. 35" x 22". The back side contains some beautiful photos by Thomas Robinson of the quintessential Portland venue, Satyricon. The front side (above) is a chronology collected by Plazm and designed by Linda Reynen.

The poster is included in Plazm 29 along with essays and images from the history of the independent music scene.

About This Story

  • Poster designer: Linda Reynen
  • Photographer: Thomas Robinson
  • Published Online: Jan 13, 2012
  • Print Publication Date: Jul 2008