Ordinary People

Candace Baldwin lost her job after taking sick leave to combat bipolar disorder.

JoAnn Philips's 14-year-old son Barry Loukaitis killed his algebra teacher and two classmates in Moses Lake, Washington. During her son's trial she told the jury about a history of depressive illness in her family, which stretches back four generations. "I didn't think about Barry at all," she said. A few weeks prior to the shooting she told Barry she planned to divorce her husband and that she herself was suicidal. Philips also told the jury that she treated her son as a confidant and told him everything, including plans to kill herself in front of her ex-husband and his new girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

Dylan Burke was trapped in an elevator between floors of a burning building. After an intense effort to free him, firefighters were ordered to abandon the rescue attempt and evacuate the building. Rather than leave Dylan to die, however, the firefighters continued at great personal risk and ultimately saved him moments before the entire building was consumed by flames. Dylan suffered minor injuries, the fire continued to burn for six days, and the four Portland firemen were awarded medals of heroism for the rescue.

The bodies of Linda Ives's teenage son and his companion were found in August of 1987 along railroad tracks in Saline County, Arkansas. He had been bludgeoned and stabbed, and his unconscious body was laid on the tracks to be mutilated by a train. His murder was never solved, but the leading theory is that the two boys had stumbled onto a drug drop.

Bart Bartley is a bush pilot based in Glenallen, Alaska.

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