OCTOBER 2002 MIDNIGHT, Soccer Field, South of Binghamton Senior Apartment Buildings

You: girl wearing campus patrol security jacket, carrying maglite and 2-way radio.

Me: naked man bound with duct tape. You offered to cut me free with your keys, I said no thanks. Should not have let you go. You stunned me. I'll never forget how you waited until the other guys left me standing there before you approached. Will there ever be another wild and crazy night like that? Remember the small flashlight that fell from my ass as you walked up? They didn't shove it in too far, so it fell right out. You took me at my word that I wanted to be alone. Dumb me. Would like to tell you how cold the grass was and how red bumps formed on my wrists and ankles when the tape ripped off chunks of hair. I was too shy to speak at the time--kicking myself ever since. Long to describe my attempts to saw through the grey fibrous tape first with a dull rock and then by sliding it over a loose wire in the chainlink fence. Used to see you everywhere around campus--never felt like right time to introduce myself! Would you have left me there if I was a woman? Can't believe I didn't call after you. Long to describe the looks my roommates gave me when I came home red, wet, naked. Would be wonderful to share with you the story I made up. Always wondered what happened after you left me in the darkness. Heard your radio buzzing--why didn't you call in a code? Things have changed. I wear clothes more and trust people less. Have you been working on your courage? It shows.

Me: lost my dignity.

You: saw where it went.

Give it back over coffee?

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  • Author: Claudia Baskind
  • Published Online: Jan 13, 2012