bread you beast
you yeasted rump of rootstock
bread, you bulbous oblate spheroid
dome of gnarl
you crusted mount
you gilded chew.

oh bread, you breast, you bosom
ball, you butt, you buttock.
thigh. you flank. you haunch.
you tubby tuber.
blob, you bleb.
you belly, bulb.
o bread.
you gob, you gobbet.

sponge, you
cheeky, crusted chump.
you wart, you whale.
you plank of satiation.
shank. you sac of fannies.
hill, you hump.
o bread.
you roast of ribald
roll of righteous.
blubber bed. 
you butter bladder.
lap of loin.
you ass of bliss.
you blimp.
you rump.
you mound of nice.
you orb of chew.
you artist of aroma.

About This Story

  • Author: Leanne Grabel
  • Published Online: Jan 13, 2012