All Yesterday's Parties

Photography: Anna Shteynshleyger

Studio 54
Cradle of the disco lifestyle, Studio 54 achieved noteriety as New York's most exclusive nightclub of the 70s, boasting such A-list habitues as Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, and Cher. Now the building hosts the off-Broadway revival of Cabaret, starring Gina Gershon.

The Palladium
Along with nightspots like the Mudd Club and Danceteria, Steve Rubell's follow up to Studio 54, the Palladium, played host to 80s art world luminaries Jean Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharpf, Keith Haring, and Andy >Warhol at their most debauched. Currently the site is under construction as an NYU dormitory.

Warhol's Silver Factory
Playground to such 60s underground icons as Lou Reed and Candy Darling, Warhol's Silver Factory established the look and lifestyle of New York Pop. It is now a five story parking garage, housing a commercial photo studio and overlooking the YMCA.

The Stork Club
Jazz Age speakeasy to the leisure class, the Stork Club coasted through the first half of the century with a guest list including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, J. Edgar Hoover, and Charlie Chaplin. The building now shares sidewalk space with the Bank of the Phillipines and a gallery for children's art studies.

The Cotton Club
With its elaborate floorshows and interior decor based on that of a southern plantation, the Cotton Club gained noteriety for its broadcast of the Duke Ellingon Orchestra over national radio in the 1920s. The original location was torn down to build low income housing.

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  • Photographer: Anna Shteynshleyger
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